Thursday, December 07, 2006

No Santa, Revisited

Last year, on December 11, I wrote the most popular post ever on this blog. It recieved 22 comments. The title: No Santa For Us.
One year later, my convictions remain. You can check out the post and the dialogue that followed in the comments.


The Taras Family said...

ha! That was a neat post. Yeah, I was thinking about that myself this month. Growing up I always watched "Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa" and I loved those shows. I still like to watch them...I guess it makes me feel like a kid again! LOL! I was thinking that it might confuse Naomi...but then again, as long as when we are teaching her what Christmas is- which I have had some great talks with her and my nephew about it- and we dont ever teach her that her toys come from Santa....I guess its okay. I just love Charlie BRown! :)

Anonymous said...

To each his own...

Chase said...


Nice post. We have been convicted that we will not have Santa as part of our Christmas celebration as he is the biggest distraction to pointing our kids to a month of celebrating Christ's first coming. We have family that celebrates the jolly one, so we have instructed our daughter to be respectful of their parents' decision and not discuss it with them. We have to really watch our 2 year old son who doubles for a parrot because someone (me) taught him "Santa's not real" and he can turn a whisper into a "holla" in no time.

We discussed this with a group of friends the other day- how this can be a beautiful thing, as some in the Church have this wonderful understanding of what Christmas should be and they do all they can to point their kids to Jesus at Christmas. Yet there still sees to be a small group of folks who bathe in their own righteousness and come to the conversation with condescension for anyone whose eyes have not been opened to the importance of this issue.

Again, though, we want ourselves and our Children to embrace the Christ child and the true wonders surrounding His birth...our shingles should be fine.