Friday, December 01, 2006

The Blank Bible

*A "Blank Bible" is a Bible that has blank pages inserted between every page for the purpose of taking notes and journaling. Not to be confused with a Bible that is blank!

See the last post for information regarding this project. Here are the pictures of my very own Blank Bible. Notice that I had to do it in 4 volumes because of the size of spirals I could find.


Kristin said...

Hey Justin,

This Blank Bible is a very interesting concept. I must say I was confused when I first saw the title. It makes sense now though! Thanks!

I also wanted to let you know that I posted a new prayer request on my site Please stop by if you get a chance. I've been updating it fairly regularly. I try to update it every week, but sometimes it's every two. Please continue to check it and join in the prayer!

Blessings to you brother!

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna tote those things to church? A Journal works fine for me.

jc said...

Nice job!!! It looks great. Something that Tony himself would be proud of.

ashley said...

thats awesome.

Rob Tombrella said...

wow. you never cease to challenge me.

Jerod said...

If you ever consider creating more for someone to buy let me know. I would buy one in a heart beat.