Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blood on Every Page

Practically, one of the ways I've been preaching the gospel to myself this year is by scouring each page of the Bible for My Savior. As I'm reading along, I stop at the end of each page of Scripture and ponder the ways Christ is present. When I think I see it, I write a summary statement of how Christ (particularly His death) is present here. Doing this has forced me to stop, ponder, meditate on, and wonder at the glory of Christ's person and work. The effect of this is bearing much fruit.

So, I would encourage you to get a pen (or pencil) and not turn that page until you have sufficiently ransacked it for gospel references. Then, turn the page anticipating seeing more glory on the next page. Do this for a lifetime.

I agree with Bryan Chapell (Christ-Centered Preaching, p. 282) who said:
"In its context, every passage possesses one or more of four redemptive foci. The text may be:
  • predictive of the work of Christ,
  • preparatory for the work of Christ,
  • reflective of the work of Christ, and/or
  • resultant of the work of Christ."

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