Friday, August 26, 2011

Proverbs' Commentaries

I absolutely loved our short summer series on Proverbs. God has been kind to impart His wisdom to us so generously.

Here are some of my thoughts on the resources available for Proverbs:

1. The best commentary on Proverbs is the Mentor Commentary by John Kitchen.

2. The inspiration for this series came from the excellent little book, A Proverbs Driven Life by Selvaggio.

3. Waltke's 2 volume commentary in the NICOT series is extensive and fantastic. Volume 1. Volume 2.

4. Kidner's Tyndale commentary is the best short commentary on Proverbs. This is the best commentary in this series that I've used. But, I found myself wanting Kidner to say more.

5. That's it. Not many other good commentaries on Proverbs.

1 comment:

Justin Nale said...

Kitchen's commentary is fantastic - there's just no denying it.

Did you look at Bridge's commentary? Thoughts?