Monday, October 17, 2005

Texas Bigfoot Conference

I am very sad to announce that my great state just hosted the 5th annual Bigfoot conference. It was held in Jefferson, Texas and I understand that about 400 people from around the nation attended. I am assuming all of these people believe that Ol' Sasquatch exists and is roaming the woods of East Texas as we speak. If you happen to see him any time soon, please report it to the Bigfoot research center as soon as you can so these people can return to earth.


cityman05 said...

I tried to buy a hunting lisence for big foot in Wal Mart once. They just told me to get out.

Cool story!

Ashley said...

i guess it goes to show that people are always looking for something exciting and wanting a unified group for encouragement...even if all they are looking for is something big and hairy!

Mark Redfern said...

Anyone remember Harry and the Hendersons?