Thursday, June 21, 2007

Build Your Piper Library

In case you haven't heard, Desiring God is taking generousity to a new level. Next Wednesday and Thursday (June 27-28), all books will be $5 each, no limits. It seems too good to be true.
I'm glad they let us know a week in advance, because we need that much time to prepare for such a treat.

I've been a Piper fan for over 10 years now. I've read everything he has put in print and am usually the first in line when he publishes a new book. I've got about 50 Piper books on my shelf(including those he has just contributed a chapter). Thus, it is with great joy that I offer these words of wisdom to those who NEED to build their Piper Library.

I've included links to WTS books. Just look at some of the retail prices for these books and you will begin to appriciate how much of a discount DG is offering.

Essential Piper:

Most Challenging Book I've Every Read:

Books for Pastors (gift ideas for your pastor. Wait. If your pastor does not already own these books, find a new church. Of course, I am only partly kidding.):
3. Feed My Sheep (with others)
4. Preaching The Cross (with others)

The Swans Are Not Silent Series (Biographies):
1. The Legacy of Sovereign Joy (Augustine, Luther, Calvin)
2. The Hidden Smile of God (Bunyan, Cowper, Brainerd)
3. The Roots of Endurance (Newton, Simeon, Wilberforce)
4. Contending for Our All (Athanasius, Owen, Machen)

Devotional Books:

Small but Powerful:

More Difficult to Read:
1. The Justification of God (requires some knowledge of Greek).

Others you should read:

That is about 30 books. Just think, for $150 you could have a genuine Piper Library! I've probably paid twice that much over the last 10 years building my Piper Library.

In Conclusion:
  • Christmas is just around the corner (isn't it always just around the corner?).
  • Consider your church library. Don't have a church library? A Piper Library would be a good place to start!
  • Friends don't let friends not read Piper!
  • Why leave your kids an inheritance of money? They will just use it to add to their already extravagant lifestyle. Leave them a genuine Piper Library!


BoldLion said...

Hi! Justin,

I might have to steal your wonderful library because I wish that I can afford to buy books now but I am on tight budget. I know that the Lord is teaching me to be on budget.

I do and have enjoy reading John Piper's books.

You should email this to the whole CBCW's family because some of them don't read this blog online.

Eating His Word,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like one of your sheep is in need of a Piper library. Is there one in particular he would desire?

justin said...

Bold Lion, it sounds like someone wants to have a list of a few of the Piper books you most want to have.

BoldLion said...

Okay! I know that I do have:
1)Desiring God
2)The Roots of Endurance
3)The Dangerous Duty of Delight
4)Don't Waste Your Life
5)The older copy of "50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die" that I got before the movie came out "The Passion of Christ"

I know that I would like:
The Pleasures of God
A Hunger for God
When I Don't Desire God

I rather be eating His Word.
In Christ Alone,

Anonymous said...

Yes!! I began sharing this news yesterday. And I have already made my list (and literally checked it twice). DG's generosity seems to know no bounds. I guess they desire God more than money...


P.S. Slogging through "The Justification of God" is worth it, even if you don't know Greek.

Anonymous said...

Justin I will be sending Bold Lion's books that he desires to you. If you would be so kind as to forward them to him.

It's awesome to see a brother in Christ desiring to build a library with such treasures as Piper.

justin said...

Thanks Anonymous. I know BoldLion will appriciate them.
And, BoldLion is a "sister."

Anonymous said...

oops so sorry, didn't realize that.

BoldLion said...

Thank you to both of you! I got the nickname BoldLion because of my love to witness to other no matter who they are. I am not shy! That is how I got the nickname. I will be looking forward to wonderful books. Thank you! Please do come visit my blog site and I need to update it. You will get to know me from it.

ashley said...

wow. what a blessing. especially to broke & hungry college students.

The Taras Family said...

LOL! I am laughing at your section "more difficult to read" to me, all of Piper's books are difficult! When I read Desiring God, I had to put all other books down...and I would read one paragraph two or three times....even aloud just to figure out what he was saying! I guess I am just more simple minded, I dont know...but I guess I will stay away from that section for atleast 10 more years! LOL!

The Taras Family said...

Oh, btw, that was a Sarah post. Dallas has no problems with reading Piper. Its funny, I can listen to him preach all day- no problems, its just following him on paper...I get confused! But it gives me the opportunity to stop and pray while I read- so the Lord will open my mind and help me to grasp the truth of what he is saying!


Vitamin Z said...

I would put "When I Don't Desire God" on the essential list for sure.

Randy said...

I see that you made it onto the Desiring God Blog list of book recommendations. They obviously found your list helpful (as did I). I think I need about 3 or 4 books from them which I plan to order tomorrow. What a blessing from God through this ministry.

Chris said...

Books for Pastors (gift ideas for your pastor. Wait. If your pastor does not already own these books, find a new church. Of course, I am only partly kidding.)



Ha ha ha ha hmmm...





::tears in the eye::


I know precisely what you mean, brother. Thanks for the laugh.

Ken said...

Thanks for the heads up. I am anxiously awaiting my next reading for the next year!

Pastor Jeff Uriarte said...

This is a rather late comment. I got hold of the Piper Library through their online books free offering last year. I downloaded everything i could get for free because that is the only way i could get them here in the Philippines. since them i have been blessed by what John writes. honestly, those books led me to the gospel. i didn't know the gospel them in spite of having grown as a i am now a pastor and John had help me center my ministry on the glory of God in Christ. and i labor to show God's glory in Christ in all my sermons. i have a burden to share these resources to other pastors here who only have rick warren's purpose driven as their favorite book. i tried to print them using my personal computer, but i could not raise enough for the supplies and equipment (binder, printer). i believe this is a sustainable way other than just asking DG to send me the books. if someone would help me, that would greatly help the pastors here in the Philippines. please let me know.

Pastor Jeff Uriarte said...

***i didn't know the gospel them in spite of having grown as a a pastor's kid.i am now a pastor and John had help me center my ministry on the glory of God in Christ.