Thursday, December 15, 2005

Long Live Aslan!

I loved Narnia! It depicts the gospel in a way that anyone can understand. We are all little Edmunds trading the glory of this gospel for some Turkish Delight. We have all betrayed the King and we deserve to die. In our sin, this King dies in our place. He does not deserve to die. Voluntarily, He lays down His life as sacrifice for our rebellion. We don't come to Him on our merit, we come only because He draws us to Himself.

Here are just a few random thoughts:

1. I am Edmund. I act like Edmund. I trade the glory of Christ for Turkish Delight all day long. I have done nothing that would cause Christ to look my way. In fact, all I have done is drag His name through the mud. I deserve to die. I deserve to pay for my rebellion.

2. Christ is a great Savior. He is a perfect Savior. Deserving nothing but praise, He submits to my punishment.

3. Salvation is by Sovereign GRACE alone. I think my favorite part of the story is when Alsan's army rescues (saves) Edmund from his captors. Edmund didn't hike up Aslan's hill. He didn't beg for Aslan's help. He did nothing to contribute to his "salvation." Nothing.

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Good thoughts on Edmund's rescue.