Thursday, December 08, 2005

Switchfoot: The Setting Sun

Here it is! I have found some Gospel in a Switchfoot song. I decided to skip “The Blues” because it is similar to most Switchfoot songs: depressing and pessimistic. “The Setting Sun” is that glimmer of hope I’ve been waiting for.
Here is a song about depravity that offers the hope of something better, something outside of us. This song speaks of a coming day when all wrongs will be righted, our wounded hearts will be healed, and we will find ourselves home, free, and complete.

All of us have a “wound that doesn’t heal.” It is called indwelling sin and we will battle it until we see the face of our Savior (Romans 7). The fight against the flesh will totally and completely cease once we find ourselves “home” or “somewhere past this setting sun.”

However, this hope is only reserved for those who renounce their own merit and trust fully in Jesus Christ for their salvation.

Here is some of what Switchfoot says about this song: “Sometimes I get really down on myself and the world around me and wonder why we're all here, spinning around on this planet. It seems that we're unable to escape the ugliness that lies within us nor around us and yet we all have this immense appreciation and appetite for beauty and truth: a paradox indeed. Here's another one- the worlds of politics, business, or even music tend to behave with the social etiquette of a Jr. High School playground. Do we all become marginalized as mere products to be sold? I'm not buying it. Neither the good nor the bad. I don't believe the hype. Meaningless, meaningless, a chasing after the wind. There's a place where all of these shadows will fade and no amount of hype can take that away from me.”

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