Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Virgin Birth

If I were to preach on the virgin birth of Christ from Matthew 1:18-25, here would be my outline:

1. The Virgin Birth Simply Stated (1:18)
2. The Virgin Birth Challenged (1:19)
3. The Virgin Birth Confirmed (1:20-21)
4. The Virgin Birth Foretold (1:22-23)
5. The Virgin Birth: A Reality (1:24-25)

If you find any value in this outline, please use it or add your comments and suggestions to improve upon it (in case I get to preach it).


Mark Redfern said...

How about some creative alliteration in that outline?

Just kidding. One of my pastors is really good at that, but I get a little annoyed by it.

I wish outlines were just more question oriented, instead of statment oriented. I think it draws the hearer in more. But, I don't want to be dogmatic.

I like your outline. It is entirely appropriate for the text. I just had to get that off my chest.

justin said...

Thanks Mark, your comments are always helpful.
I wish I was better at the alliteration thing. Sometimes it is helpful if it reflects the text. Can be overused though.