Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pro-Choice Inconsistencies

In Randy Alcorn's "Why Pro-Life?", he reminds us that the pro-choice position is chalked full of inconsistencies. For example, many states have fetal homicide laws, declaring it murder for anyone but the mother to deliberately take the life of a preborn child (p. 40).

So, if a woman is scheduled to get an abortion, and on her way to the clinic her baby is killed, the killer will be charged with murder. However, if the murder does not happen, the woman and her doctor can legally kill this exact same baby.

What is the difference? The killer and the mother have the same intention: to end the life of this child. I guess a pro-choice advocate would say, "The difference is that the killer has no right to kill the child, but the mother does have a right to kill the child." My conclusion: to be consistent, pro-choice advocates should at least say that all mothers should be able to kill thier children whenever they want (it is their choice). Honestly, what is the difference between a preganant woman saying she cannot afford this baby and a mother of a 5 year old baby who cannot afford him?


Sarah said...

They are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. They want to believe that they are in control and they have a choice. They ignore God completely. They see it as a form of birth control.

I honestly do not see abortion becoming (or staying) illegal- just like gay marriages. I also do not understand why we are so shocked when these types of things happen. When the world does things that are completely against the bible....that is exactly what we KNOW will happen! It will not get better from this point on.

I think it is good to be against these things. To stand for the gospel. To vote against these things. But we should not be at all surprised when the world acts like heathens. That is what they are- that is all they know!
We need to be sharing the gospel! That is the only thing that will slow down the rate of abortion!

justin said...

Sarah, I agree that the gospel embraced by people will slow down the abortion rate.

I am not so optimistic as you. I don't see abortion ever being illigal in our society. I think we have gone too far already.

And, I think we should be shocked to hear that 3,700 babies are killed today. Not shocked that worldly people do it; but shocked that these children do not have a right to life.

Sarah said...

OH! No, I do not think that it will ever be illegal to have an abortion..... I worded that wrong....I meant that abortions and same sex marriages will never be stopped- that is the depravity of our world.

I see your point on being shocked at the number of babies being killed every is pretty crazy...but I guess I meant that I am not shocked that its happening at all....look at what the world uses for entertainment. Movies and sitcoms (none that we watch) are full of this kind of thing. Look at any of the tv shows the teenagers are watching. That is the answer they are giving to an unwanted pregnancy.... I am broken for those children. I am sad that those women will have to live with that guilt for the rest of their lives. But looking at our world, it does not surprise me. Does that make sense?

I am sad that people are that hard hearted. I did not mean to make it sound like its not a big deal. It is a very big deal. I am sad to think that these babies never had a chance to live. But then I just trust in God's sovereignty. As bad as each and every one of those abortions are- we cannot thwart the plans of the Lord.....(not that it gives us a liberty to go out and have an abortion) It is still murder.

I look at Naomi and wonder how anyone could abort someone so sweet.....she is such a blessing to me everyday....people are missing out on that because it is not convenient. I can say that Naomi is not convenient. My life is much different than it was before....but I also have to say that it is much better. I would give up all the convenience in the world just to be her mom!

I wish that those people could see it from my perspective!

justin said...

Sarah, I understand and agree with your point.