Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Father, forgive them...

The first thing Jesus said from the Cross was, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do" (Luke 23:34).

7 Observations:
1. This cry was the fulfillment of prophecy (Isaiah 53:12).
2. This statement shows that sin is serious business. Sin was on Jesus' mind as He struggled.
3. This statement shows the blindness of the human heart (they do not know what they do).
4. Here we see our great and primary need: forgiveness. Jesus does not pray for wealth, happiness, or safety. He prays for sin to be removed and reconciliation to take place between God and man.
5. Jesus is in the attitude of prayer even as He suffers.
6. Jesus prays for His murderers and those insulting Him.
7. Jesus prays for me.


Chase said...


I have just begun preaching on the 7 statements. What incredible grace for us and glory for GOd is found there. I have learned this morning from your studious heart and mind. Thank you

justin said...

Chase, I would love to see your notes because I am leading my students through the 7 sayings. Do you have A.W. Pink's book on them?

chase said...

I Picked it up over the weekend, but have yet to crack it. I can't put down bruce Ware's book on Trinitarian Roles and Relationships, but it is next on the list. My notes are fairly short now as I have preached this as one sermon evangelistically. I am going to pack it into about 4 talks for a camp this summer. As I study and think more, I would be glad to pass on anything I learn. I love the idea of Jesus in the attitude of prayer as He suffers. I am quick to run to the attitudes of revenge and whining when I suufer. Oh for grace to trust Him more!