Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Church Planting Stories

Church planting is humbling work. I think God designs church planting this way to keep us dependent on Him. Here are a few stories for your enjoyment (one from my church and one from a friend's):

This past Sunday was billed as an important day in the life of Christ Baptist Church. We were going to have our first Covenant Affirmation service where 16 people would become members of CBCW. Then, we were going to participate in our first Lord's Supper as a church. So, we had a busy service planned. We started with a few songs and then had a message on Christ's love for His Church. As I got to my final application point, a 4 year old in the nursury area (the hallway) pulled the fire alarm. So, I'm standing there about to end my sermon when I am overpowered by BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. When we figured out that it was a "false" alarm, no one knew how to turn it off. So, we moved outside to the bus waiting area (a few benches that kids sit on as they wait for their parents to pick them up or for the bus to come). Those benches became sacred as we affirmed the covenant and partook of the Lord's Supper. I think the alarm was God's "amen" to my sermon. Well, maybe not. It was probably His way of ensuring that we never forget that covenant.
BTW - The kid who pulled the fire alarm was very upset and appologized to me afterward. It was his family's first time to visit Christ Baptist Church. They seem like a great family. I hope they will come back!

When I told this story to my best friend Rob, he tried to "top" it with this church planting story: Grace Church in Frisco, Texas also meets in an elementary school. They own a trailor that keeps all the stuff. Each week they unload and load the trailor and then store it at a mini-storage type place. Well, one Sunday, they went to pick up the trailor early in the morning. When they got there, the storage place had changed the locks without telling them. There was no way to get to all the stuff. So, they just worshiped the Lord and heard from His Word, without all the stuff.

Lord, continue to humble us that we might rest totally on You. Show Yourself strong in our weaknesses.

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