Thursday, November 30, 2006

Facinated with the Blank Bible Project

I have to admit. I have been facinated with Tony Reinke's "Blank Bible" projects. If you haven't made your way to The Shepherd's Scrapbook blog, here is your invitation. Tony seems like a great guy who reads alot and knows alot about the Puritans. His blog contains a wealth of information. I found his blog when he was doing the first blank Bible which was inspired by Jonathan Edwards.

I have often tried various ways of accomplishing this. I remember at one point I started printing off New Testament books on my printer leaving lots of margin room. That worked for a while but it still didn't "feel" like a bible. It was more just loose sheets of paper.

Well, Tony has now created several different blank projects and he has pictures and detailed steps for the entire process.

So, I sliced the cover off an extra ESV I had, and took it to Staples today. I don't own a table saw, nor would I know how to use it if I did. Therefore, I had the nice people at Staples cut my binding off. It cost me $2 and an agonizing 45 seconds as the lady took the Bible over to the cutting machine. When she brought back the bindingless Bible, I was very pleased. Now, I must spend the time inserting blank pages between every Bible page and going through the process of binding.

God willing, I will have my first blank Bible soon. I resonate with something Tony said: each blank page represents my anticipation of what God is going to say to me and how He is going to reveal Himself to me.

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Anonymous said...

Justin, Thank you for the kind words. Send us a picture when you're done. Sounds like you are well on your way!!

Tony, TSS