Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The mystery unveiled

Sorry about the title. I've been meditating on Eph. 3.

I've been wanting the Works of Owen and Bunyan for a while now. They have been on my Amazon wish list for years. The Lord has been gracious to give them to me now. I got both the 16 volumes of Owen and the 3 volumes of Bunyan for a very good price. Banner of Truth is very generous!

Now, when will I have the time to read them?


Steve Burlew said...

Justin -
No joke, I just made the entire staff here at Banner of Truth U.S. stop what they're doing and gather around one of the PCs in our main office so they could see the pictures of what the RECEIVING end looks like. We all saw the box in our warehouse; how cool to see it now on your front porch and unpacked inside your house. The only thing missing is the smiling face of the recipient - oh, we did see that, actually, in your words. God bless you, brother, as you seek to advance the Kingdom through planting the church there in North Carolina. Do let us know how you're doing from time to time.
Steve B.
Banner of Truth, U.S.A.

justin said...

Steve, thanks for sharing and thanks for the discount. Most of all, thanks for serving The Church through God-centered books.