Thursday, January 04, 2007

Overflowing Grace

I have gotten a good picture of how God pours out His grace this past week. Grace is never measured. It is poured abundantly.

Here is how it happened: I recieved a package from Amazon last week. I thought, "I didn't order anything from Amazon, did I?" I sometimes forget what is supposed to be coming. However, I was pretty sure I didn't order anything. Being around Christmas, I thought, "Maybe Jeanna ordered a book for me." Inside the package I found "Glorious Freedom" by Richard Sibbes. When I looked at the billing address it had my good friend Mark Gibson's name and address. I thought, "Wow," Mark is such a thoughtful and kind friend. He continues to stock my libray from 1200 miles away. So, I did what every grateful friend does when they recieve a gift: I wrote a thank you note to him telling him how suprised I was to recieve "Glorious Freedom."

Then, two days later I get another mystery Amazon box. Again, I thought, "I didn't order anything from Amazon, did I?" Inside, I found "Practical Religion" by JC Ryle AND "The Sinfulness of Sin" by Ralph Venning. "No Way," I exclaimed. Mark has given me three books! He is way too kind. So, I sent him an e-mail telling him I was sorry for sending the thank you note too early. I am thankful for all three books, not just the first one.

Then, today, yet another mystery Amazon box arrived. This time, I said, "Not again, Mark." Yep, this time the box contained Baxter's "Dying Thoughts." Talk about Grace. Mark knows how to reflect the character of God in his gifts.

I am thankful for these books and the picture of the gospel they represent. Lord, give me a generous heart and generous hands for the sake of your gospel!

Thanks, Mark. Can't wait to eat some more cheese trays with you in California.


TEXpresby said...


It was my pleasure brother! Your friendship has meant more to me than you can know. I got these for you to reflect something that I have decided to do this year. I am making it the year of the puritans in my own reading. All puritans, all year, except what I will be reading in God's word and for preparation to preach and teach the Word. I know you will enjoy these books as they are very edifying. Ryle may not be puritan, but he read the puritans and taught their theology faithfully. Why? Because Ryle found as I have, that what they wrote in their books is true to God's Word and set forth in a lively and experiential way.

Looking forward to the Shepherds conference with you buddy!

grace and peace,


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin!

Mark is truly generous when it comes to books. I'm just waiting for him to give you the book "The case for Infant Baptism"! Just joking! I hope you and your family will have a blessed 2007. May the Lord bless the ministry He has given you.

Chris Mitchell