Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Template

Anybody still read this blog? Notice any changes? Give me a shout if you are still with me.


jeanna said...

I am with you. Where is my link on your blog?

cavman said...

At first, I'm not so sure about the new look... less edgy. But, it is easier for me to read.

I do come here 2-3 times a week. Have no fear, you are not alone in the blogosphere.

justin said...

Less edgy? That certainly fits with my personality. I'm all about easier to read. Clear.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Justin,

You just woke me up with the new look! Anselm is sleeping on my lap.

Yeah! Where is the link to Jeanna's blog?

I did look into Jonathan's blog but it's not update for like thousand years. We should encourage him to get that going again. It would be wonderful to read his blog again.

Eating His word,

Clif Cummings said...

Still here! And I read you regularly. Just don't always reply.

justin said...

Clif, give us a one paragraph summary of what God taught you at the pastor's conference. What sermon did God use most in your life? What books did you buy? How will your ministry be impacted?

TEXpresby said...

Ditto to what Clif said. Always glad to read what you post here brother! Looking forward with great anticipation to the Shepherd's conference!


aka TEXpresby

justin said...

Mark, what is that business on your audio clip?
You have a picture of a Baptist attached to your comment!!

The Taras Family said...

Hey! Still checkin' in and reading what's on your heart! I like the new look. Its crisp. Hope you guys are doing well!


Mark Redfern said...

I'm still dropping in.

ashley said...
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ashley said...

im still reading even though i dont post on my blog very often. i have a xanga blog that i use more frequently.

TEXpresby said...

LOL. Yep! I have a BAPTIST as my bio pic. I love Spurgeon! He is one of my all time favorites to read. My other account has a pic of Jonathan Edwards who was a congregationalist. Don't know why I don't have a pic of a presby...oh well! :)
As for the audio clip, it is an old Steve Taylor song. I found it online and decided to include it as part of my profile, just for fun. Just a few more weeks until Shepherd's Conference...I can't wait!!!


aka Mark

Ken said...

Your blog is on my feed reader that I review several times a day, so when you you post, I read! The site is very refreshing, an nice change and easy on the eyes. Thanks for adding your sermons!

Keep on challenging us!

Clif Cummings said...

I will give a brief summary here and hopefully write a more complete report on my own blog:

Having never heard Thabiti Anyabwile, I was most impacted by his message. But I believe it was far more than the "newness" of the speaker to me. His topic on "The Glory of Holiness in the life of the Pastor" and his own subtopic of "Pervasive Holiness in the life of Your Church" was challenging to say the least.
After exquistely exegeting his text - he then made ten applications that are very practical and powerful (again pulling each from the text).

I can't remember all the books I purchased. I know there were so many that I had them shipped UPS! One I do remember getting and am looking forward to reading is John Owens "The Mortification of Sin." I also purchased two of Desiring God's small group Bible studies. One called "Battling Unbelief" and the other "Don't Waste Your Life." I hope to be using these soon at FBC.

I must say that William Mackenzie challenged me to read more! And to make more books available to our people. (Like our Presby friend in S.E. Texas!)

The whole conference was good. But I missed the fellowship of my Band of Brothers. I did meet some great guys from Canada and Tennessee. Somehow they knew by my accent that I was from the south.

Enjoy the Shepherd's Conference! Be sure and give a report.

Also, get Jeanna's blog linked to yours! And tell her hello from Oklahoma!