Friday, March 23, 2007

The 1,000 Book Celebration Results

Thanks for all those who submitted a list for the book giveaway. Here are the results:

Chase: This book (need address)
BoldLion: This book
James L: This book
Meredith: This book (need address)
"Lew": This book
Dutch: This book (need address)


BoldLion said...

Thank you and I am looking forward to get the book. I am sure that I will enjoy it so much.

Eating His Word,

James L said...

Justin, thank you for your generosity. I look forward to reading Mr. Baxter


theology quotes said...

this definitely made my friday! thanks for your kindness!


chase said...

So looking forward to this! Thanks-


Anonymous said...

yea Justin - I am super excited. here is the address.

Meredith Sauer
16531 Park Scot Drive
Houston, TX 77084

I will be sure to pass it on to Ryan and then to others. I can't wait! Thanks so much. Tell Jeanna and Karis hi for me. Love you all.


Dutch said...

Thanks for the book... I am really blessed that I got Don't Waste Your Life by Piper. This is a part of God's grand plan to continue to work in my life in a specific way.

God's best to you!