Friday, May 04, 2007

MacArthur on the Importance of Preaching

Yes and AMEN to this word from John MacArthur.

My Soapbox:
Brothers and sisters, lend me your hear: If you are not in a place where you are exposed to consistent, passionate, faithful, clear, powerful, and Biblical preaching, for your own soul's sake: MOVE somewhere else! You wouldn't live in a town where no food was sold. You wouldn't eat at a resturant that only served crackers. Why do you insist on starving yourself spiritually? Christian, you NEED to be under the systematic exposition of holy Scritpure.
And please, if you have children, don't wait another Sunday. Parents, you want your children to be exposed to God's Word. You want them to grow up drenched with the Bible.
I'm pleading with you. Come out of the desert and bathe in the refreshing fountain of true gospel preaching.


The Taras Family said...

Amen Justin!

This has been on my heart alot lately. We have a church in our area that most people attend...and they all admit that the teaching is shallow and they get nothing out of it...but they just "feel" like its where God wants them. Its frusterating...but at the same time, I know that if they truly love the Lord, its only a matter of time before they can no longer sit under such fluff. Esp once they have been exposed to the meat of the word!

BoldLion said...

Way to go! He is right! We all need to be eating HIS WORD!

Eating His Word,