Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Epistle

We begin the epistle to the Galatians this Sunday at Christ Baptist Church. Martin Luther called Galatians "my epistle" and said that he was married to it.

Curtis Vaughan wrote:
"Unquestionably the message of Galatians is as urgently needed today as at any time of the past. Our generation, as every other generation, needs to be reminded of the sole sufficiency of Jesus Christ for human redemption. Galatians serves as a clarion call for vital religion rather than formal ritual, for personal submission to a living Savior rather than subscription to a dead creed, for glorying in the cross rather than dependence on self, for a life inspired and controlled by the Spirit rather than one regulated by rules."

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blake white said...

Nice! Be sure and pick up McKnight's commentary for some good interaction (NIVAC). You won't agree with everything but it would probably be helpful to wrestle through.