Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sharing Christ With the Window Guy

Friends, pray for me today. I am hoping for an opportunity to share Christ with a guy coming to install a new window in my office. Yesterday, he came by to measure the window and said he would be back today to install a new one. The office building I am in is replacing all the windows in the building.

To be honest: When he first told me that, my thought was: "Man, he is probably going to bother me and interupt my studying." That is my sinful selfishness. God reminded me that there are no such things as interuptions in His economy. This morning I have an unusual burden for this guy.

So, pray for me. Pray that I indeed would be here when he comes. Pray that God would begin to soften his heart. Pray that I would have the courage to bring Christ into the conversation.

Any "interuptions" in your life today?


huios said...

Funny thing... there's a window guy coming to my home on Friday.

God give you boldness.

Randy said...

I've prayed for you brother. I look forward to hearing about it.

Mark Redfern said...

How did it go?

pastor justin said...

Thanks for asking Mark. That is one of the reasons I made this post: so that someone would ask me.

He didn't come by. I think they are still putting in the windows. Maybe he will be here soon. If not, I am more aware of people around me from having thought and prayed.