Friday, May 09, 2008

100 Pages of Pure Gold

I would pay $4.03 for each one of these 100 pages. I feel guilty for getting all 100 of them for only $4.03. A steal like this should be against the law.

For the joy of your soul, get The Cross He Bore, spend some time with it, and pass out copies to others.


Michael said...

Justin, I will check this out.

Regarding your latest poll: my choise is none of the above! Simply because it would take them too much away from the far more important task of preaching and teaching the word!

Mike, Rowlett, TX

Mike said...

Oh I hate typos! I meant "choice"



pastor justin said...

Yes, I don't want any of them to be taken from the task God has called them to either. The poll is just for fun.

Assuming they would continue their valuable ministry, which do you think would make the best president at this time?

Justin Nale said...


Also worth checking out are the other two books - very similar to this one - that Leahy wrote about the cross of Christ: "The Victory of the Lamb" and "Is It Nothing to You?". I just finished the latter; it was excellent.