Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Resources for Changing Lives

CCEF (Christian Counseling & Education Foundation) is a gift to the church. The materials they produce are extremely helpful and Christ-centered.
One of my favorite resources they produce are the little RCL booklets. These booklets are intended to offer help to those counseling people who are hurting. They have addressed many tough issues and subjects.

Soon, another batch of RCL booklets will be available to serve us as we minister God's grace to people God brings into our lives. Here are some of the upcoming booklets:

1. Should We Get Married?
2. Who Does the Dishes? Decision Making in Marriage
3. Helping Your Adopted Child
4. Living With An Angry Spouse
5. Help for Stepfamilies
6. Angry Children
7. Healing After Abortion
8. Facing Death with Hope
9. How to Love Difficult People
10. Eating Disorders

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Anonymous said...

The resources for changing lives is designed to educate professionals.The changing lives program was created for affiliate groups like ours to present to the professionals in facilities like yours.it provide information on local and national resources.