Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Giveaway: Just 5 Books

Let's have a little contest. In my previous post, I forced myself to answer this question: "Justin, if you were leaving this afternoon for 3 years and could only take 5 books (in addition to the Bible), which would you take?" So, I want to hear your answer to that question. And, for the person with the best answer, I'll give them a copy of a brand new book: Why We Love the Church by DeYoung and Kluck (check out the endorsements for this book).

So, here are the rules:

1. Make a list of the 5 books you would select. Assume that you have access to the ESV Study Bible online and all Piper books online (in other words, don't include these in your list).

2. Post your list on your blog and then paste a link in the comments of this post (please also include a link back to this post so that people know what you are doing). If you don't have a blog, just post your list in the comments of this post. As a means of getting others involved, post a link to this contest on facebook or twitter.

3. Include any details you would like. Tell us why you chose that particular book.

4. I'll select the top 3 or so and have people vote to determine the winner.

5. Have your list posted in the comments of this post by Wednesday, July 22.

6. I'll also give away another book (to be determined) at random to one of you who makes a list. So, you can win by just posting your list. Hopefully, this will be an incentive to participate.

7. Please include an e-mail address if I don't know you, so that I can contact you if (when) you win.

8. Have fun!


Greg Breazeale said...

Justin, I plan to post my list ASAP! But here are my 5 books:

1.Edwards Resolutions
2.Lectures To My Students
3.The Reason For God
4.Grudem's Systematic
5.The Lord of the Rings (Return of the King)

Pastor Jeff said...

Here is my list:

Thanks for the question!

Greg Breazeale said...

Here is my link:

Brian said...

1-The Bruised Reed by Puritan Richard Sibbes - this book is like a soothing medicine for a wounded soul. Very rich book.

2- The Attributes of God AW Pink- Reminds me of God's character.

3- The Gospel for Real Life by Jerry Bridges... Read More

4- Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology- I would prefer this over Bible Doctrine simply because it's more in depth and answers more questions.

5- A Gospel Primer for Christians by Milton Vincent - great devotional and points me to the cross.

BoldLion said...

Here is my lengthly blog of the list what I would take with me.

It wasn't easy to do this one. Although, I would love to take the whole library of mine with me oversea.

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Anonymous said...

Here are my 5 books:

Paige Patterson, "The Troubled Triumphant Church"
Daniel Akin, "A Theology for the Church"
William Dembski, "Intelligent Design"
Thomas Sowell, "Basic Economics"
Augustine, "City of God"

Joshua Owens,

The Taras' said...

Ok Justin! Here is the link to my bliggedy blog with my list! This was fun. Made me realize how much I LOVE my books!


Pastor Shane Waters said...

Institutes - Calvin
Redemption - Murray
Knowing God - Packer
Vol 6 on Sin - Owen
Vol 3 Pilgrims Progress - Bunyan

Presley said...

Hi Justin -
I have more or less done this before and the books I took, I feel, have not changed much.

1) Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot - that original practical, passionate, poised living out of was believed by Jim Elliot. NOTE: I typically mention "Let The Nations Be Glad" as the 'more theologically layed out" reasoning for my going (but we're not choosing any Piper under the rules you've set). God used Shadow of the Almighty (after His Word) to really light the fire, though. Couldn't just leave that in my old room in Texas...

2) The Cross-Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney. Amidst all of the cultural challenges and questions on HOW to communicate the gospel in an extremely different setting, this really helps me to remember WHAT to communicate. To keep the main thing the main thing. And the more I know it and love it, the more I find Him helping me to naturally communicate it to those around me here.

3) Trusting God by Jerry Bridges - just a huge book for me as I trust His sovereignty. Probably the most eloquent thing I could say about this book is, "This book is just so gooooood."

4) The Attributes of God by AW Pink - Yes, the bigger He becomes and the more I know about Him, the more overwhelmed I become and the smaller the worries of this life become. Jeremiah 32:17 all the way.

5) A good, solid language book of the country you may be serving in if it's one where the first language there is not your own. This is ESSENTIAL. For me, it has been "Bai Doc Tieng Viet Nang Cao: Danh Cho Nguoi Nuoc Ngoai" (it's by Yeon, Lan, and Ha). Don't leave home without it...

It's difficult not to write so many other books...Another good question would be a variation asking about podcasts/websites.

Not that I presume that my list is particularly incredible or anything but don’t feel the need to send me the book if I DO win. I’m in Singapore right now!
BUT, please keep posting on your blog – that is definitely something that I check almost every day for encouragement and challenge. Thank God for all the good, free stuff on the worldwide web!

Rob Tombrella said...

Here's my five books for the next 3...

1. "One Thing" by Sam Storms. Passion to see the glory of Christ with Edwards fervor and Lucado prose. Haven't read in a while.

2. Edwards Vol. 1 and 2...since we're stopping the train lets master this...

3. Grudem's bring balance to the force.

4. Communion with the Triune God edited by Taylor and focus in on prayer and contemplate the truine love of God.

5. Power Evangelism by John Wimber...since I have no idea where I am, let's start a church Philip style.

Shayna said...

1. A Christian Directory {Richard Baxter} - This is volume 1 of "The Practical Works of Richard Baxter." And it is just that; very practical. Spanning over a million-and-a-quarter words (nearly 1,000 pages), you can imagine that it covers quite the array of topics. I agree with Dr. Timothy Keller, that it is "...the greatest manual on biblical counseling ever produced..." And since Baxter spent over 15 years compiling it, I can surely not exhaust this "practical sum of theology" in a mere 3 years.

2. The Family {J.R. Miller} - Originally published in 1882, this little book is a gem that I can read over and over again. "Its aim is to mark out the duties and responsibilities of each member of the household... in hope that its pages may carry inspiration and a little help to those who desire to do faithful work for God within their own doors." It never fails - my heart is always exhorted, encouraged, and stirred to the point of tears. I love the manner in which it is written and I love that the inside cover is inscribed with sweet words from my sweet husband, commemorating my 23rd birthday.

3. Christ in the Camp {J. William Jones} - I have not yet read this book, but it is on our to-buy list. "This is one of the few books on the War which shows the working of the Holy Spirit in the midst of suffering, chaos, and judgment. From 1861 to 1865, many thousands of soldiers professed Christ as their Savior and Lord, and many more were renewed in their commitment to serve God in camp and battlefield." I think this book would serve as a great reminder to God's providential hand through all of history.

4. Pushing the Antithesis {Greg Bahnsen, edited by Gary Demar} - Teaching presuppositional apologetics, this book has been a very helpful aid in defending the faith against all opposition. Whether that be an atheist on a college campus, a confused catholic, or a humanistic school book. Christianity is the only consistent worldview!

5. Death by Love {Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears} - I have read a couple chapters of this book online and have listened to the sermon series that this book is based on (more than once). It is looking at the Cross from all different angles giving the "real-life implications of Jesus' death on the cross for those who have sinned and have been sinned against." Great truths that I must be continually reminded of.

Inside/Out said...

1. Knowing God by J.I. Packer
2. Knowledge of the Holy by A.w. Tozer
3. Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges
4. Gospel According to Jesus by John Macarthur
4. Chosen by God by R.C. Sproul

Justin Nale said...

Barely made it before the deadline!

Here's my link: