Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Exhortations to the Chilean Miners

I don't expect that any of the 33 miners who have been trapped for about 70 days will ever read my blog. However, if I had the opportunity to address them as they wait to be rescued, here is some of what I'd say:

1. Jesus can rescue you from a pit much deeper than this mine. Jesus rescues from the Father's wrath.
2. Do not trust in Mary or any other human "saint." Only Jesus saves.
3. You are not promised tomorrow. This "second chance" at life will soon end.
4. Don't waste your world-wide fame. Use it for the fame of Jesus.
5. Don't waste the riches that will be coming your way. Use it for the fame of Jesus.
6. The joy of being rescued is nothing compared to the joy of being adopted.
7. Express your gratefulness.
8. This world will always let you down. This won't be the last time you need help.
9. Love your family.
10. Don't waste your rescue.

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