Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fenway Park and Faith in God

My excellent wife bought me tickets to see the Red Sox and Yankees play at Fenway Park for my birthday and our anniversary. 10 years ago, we tried to get into Fenway but were unsuccessful. Jeanna worked hard to get these tickets and we both eagerly anticipated actually getting into Fenway to see a game this time. So, on Friday night, we were among the first to arrive at Fenway ready to see Big Papi tee off on Andy Pettite.

It started raining in Boston around 1pm on Friday and maintained a steady drizzle throughout the afternoon. The weather lady said it should stop raining by the evening. So, we had no doubt that we would see some baseball even if a little later than the official 7:10 start time. Well, 7:10 rolled around and the scoreboard said, "Due to the inclement weather, tonight's game has been delayed." No big deal. We were in Boston with no kids and nothing else to do but wait it out. So, we, along with tens of thousands of others found a dry place under the stadium to wait it out.

Around 9:15pm it stopped raining. The umpires, coaches, and grounds crew surveyed the field and determined it was time to play ball. We sat in our wet seats and watched the tarp get removed from the field. The pitcher and catcher emerged from the club house and started warming up. The announcer declared that the game would begin at 10pm. The pregame presentation was presented.

When 10pm rolled around, the tarp was back on the field and we were snuggled together (ponchos on) under the umbrella. It was now raining much harder than at any time during the day. Many left. Not us. We waited. No way was I going to leave if a baseball was going to be thrown that night.

At 10:30pm, with no hope of a game being played, we made the decision to leave. An incredibly disappointing decision knowing that the game would be rescheduled for long after we had returned to NC. And there are no refunds for games that are rescheduled.

Here were just a few of the thoughts graciously given to me by God:
-God sends the rain on the just and unjust.
-Rain obeys king Jesus.
-We were not the only ones who traveled from out of town to be at that game. I've positive others had reason to be disappointed as well.
-I've got the best wife in the world.
-Hey, at least we actually got into the park this time (picture evidence above). Maybe next time we'll actually get to see a game? Baby steps.
-This was a loud reminder to me that this world is not my home. Nothing can be trusted in this life.
-Disappointed heart: Hope in God. He will never fail you.

By the way, we got to bless some friends who are planting a church in the Boston area with the tickets. Glad they got to enjoy the rescheduled game Saturday night.


Chris said...

who did you end up giving the tickets to? and did you get a chance to see tanner or jon chasteen from the Boston plant?

pastor justin said...

Yes, we stayed with Tanner and gave him the tickets.

Presley said...

appreciated this piece, justin. good stuff a usual. btw, i haven't delved into fantasy baseball since we both decided to stop - what a blessed decision it has been. much love, bro. PEACE

Presley said...

nice pic, btw. FENWAY! way to go, jeanna.