Friday, December 24, 2010

Battling Idolatry Through Prayer

The prayer I plan to pray with my family before we open gifts tonight:

"God, You are the giver of all good gifts. From Your hand come all good things. So, we pause to thank You for Your kindness to us today. And we recognize that the best gifts cannot be wrapped and put under a tree. The best gifts You have given are Your promises purchased by Christ. You have promised to give us eternal life if we trust Christ. You have promised to never leave or forsake us. You have promised to forgive our sins. Help us to value Your promises more than any of these physical presents. So, Father, keep us from idolatry now. Help us not love the gifts more than the Giver. But help us to enjoy these gifts as an expression of our joy in You. And, Father, help us also not be discouraged if we don't get everything we want. We know that we already have everything we need in Christ. In Jesus Name, Amen."


Pumice said...

I hope your family listens carefully. If we would remember this we would have fewer people complaining about how empty Christmas is to them.

Grace and Peace.

Melany said...