Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Sin of Prayerlessness

I heard a quote from Greg Nichols last week that has exposed many of my sins of prayerlessness:

“A Prayerless person is ungrateful because he doesn’t thank God.
He is Self-righteous because he doesn’t confess his sins to God.
He is Self-centered because he doesn’t ask God to bless other people.
He is Presumptuous because he doesn’t pray for his daily needs.
He is Irreverent because he doesn’t praise God.
And he is Unfriendly to God because his prayerlessness evidences that he doesn’t enjoy being with God.”


Jordan said...

I appreciate you sharing this thought on Sunday. I am thankful for your preaching, and for the ways God has used it in my life. A question I have concerning prayer - and I guess it could apply to all the disciplines - will I ever feel confidence in the quantity of my prayers in this life? Is it possible to pray "enough"? Is "enough" a helpful word?

Bill said...

Hey brother, thanks for this quote. Is there any chance you've got a reference to the primary source? I'm having trouble tracking it down!