Monday, March 21, 2011

The Power of God's Word

I am absolutely loving Jonathan Leeman's new book, Reverberation. Here is a small taste from chapter 2:

5 Reliable Statements:

1. God's Word is an Extension of God - you can measure a person's opinion of God by his or her opinion of God's Word.

2. God Acts Through His Word - it is the way He accomplishes His purposes.

3. God Acts Through His Word by His Spirit - God's words have power because they move by God's Spirit and do exactly what the Spirit wishes.

4. God's Word and Spirit Act Together Efficaciously - When God speaks, some kind of change always happens (it is effective).

5. God Speaks Through Human Preachers and Human Words - God uses the means of human communication to speak.

"There is no greater power a church has at its disposal than preaching the Father's Word of the Son working through the Spirit."

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Chris said...

I just finished that book. It is a good one.