Friday, April 15, 2011

Preparing for Corporate Worship

Some excellent thoughts from Kent Hughes on preparing for Sunday morning corporate worship: On Saturday:

  • I have asked Christ to make me sensitive tomorrow to needs of people in the body who are hurting.

  • I have solved the "Sunday clothes hassle" by making sure that what I will wear is ready today.

  • I have spend time in confession so all will be right between myself and my Lord when we meet tomorrow.

  • I have determined to get to bed early so I will be refreshed and ready for church tomorrow.

  • I have planned on sustaining the delight of this time with Christ and his people by guarding against Sunday afternoon infringements.

On Sunday:

  • I have gotten up in plenty of time so I will not feel rushed.

  • I have programmed my morning so I will not just arrive at church on time, but get there early.

  • I have eaten a good breakfast, so an empty stomach will not detract from my worship.

  • I have my Bible in hand plus a pen and paper for taking notes.

  • I have left for church with a great sense of expectancy because I know Christ will be there.

Disciplines of a Godly Man, pp. 118-119.

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Christiane said...

"I have eaten a good breakfast, so an empty stomach will not detract from my worship."

Sometimes when you pray for those in need, fasting helps you . . . for a while, you BECOME someone who has not eaten, and in that reality, you will be led to understand how best to help them in a way that God will put before you.

There are times when fasting helps prayer.