Friday, October 21, 2005

Created to...

God created me for a purpose. I was created to...

Acclaim Him
Admire Him
Adore Him
Advertise Him

Behold Him
Broadcast Him

Celebrate Him
Cherish Him
Commend Him
Communicate Him
Convey Him

Declare Him
Demonstrate Him
Display Him

Enjoy Him
Esteem Him
Exalt Him
Exhibit Him
Extol Him

Flash Him
Flaunt Him

Glorify Him

Honor Him

Idolize Him

Jubilate Him

Laud Him
Love Him

Magnify Him
Manifest Him
Mirror Him

Parade Him
Praise Him
Present Him
Prize Him
Proclaim Him
Project Him
Publish Him

Radiate Him
Reflect Him
Relish Him
Revere Him
Reveal Him

Savor Him
Shine Him
Show Him

Transmit Him
Treasure Him

Value Him
Venerate Him

Worship Him

I am indebted to Dr. Sam Storms who taught me that a Thesaurus was created for the glory of God and the gladness of my heart. I had never opened a Thesaurus until I heard his message at the Jonathan Edwards Conference a few years ago.


Mark Redfern said...

I prayed through your list - God make me this kind of person!

Thanks for serving my joy, brother.

Vinnie Beichler said...

Beautiful! Thanks, man.

Russ said...

What's amazing to me about this is with the thousands of words found in our language (or any language), no combination of words or ideas that we can put together can give us a full explanation of who God really is. The words just don't exist, and boy, we have a lot of words...

justin said...

Russ, you are right. God is indescribable! However, our purpose is describable. God is clear about why we were made.