Thursday, October 20, 2005

Future Grace and Romans 12:1

Once again my new friend Mark Redfern has served us through his blog by opening up a great discussion called the Power for Pursuing Holiness. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I wrote a lengthy comment based on my study of Romans 12:1 on his post.


Rob Tombrella said...

Excellent recall of the greek Justin! It has made me hungry for greek study! Remembering A.T. Robertson's quote about there being no single discipline that compares with the reward you get. Moreover THANK YOU for hooking me up with Sam Storm's autographed copy of "Convergence". MUCH APPRECIATION and huge props to you! By the mercies of God!

Vinnie Beichler said...

Yello! Thanks for the response! I echo your love for Piper's book Future Grace. A friend of mine had prompted me to think more about how gratitude played into the whole thing. I appreciate the Greek. I want to learn more!