Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Cross Brings Joys Unknown to Most

My good friend Rob Tombrella gave me this poem for my birthday earlier this year. I thought you may find it helpful.

The Cross Brings Joys Unknown to Most

The cross brings joys unknown to most
It gives us pleasures like the starry host
From simple pleasures in different foods
To needed grace in different moods

It lets us enjoy a beautiful sunset
It sends us angels we’ve never met
It gives us warmth in the coldest days
It cools our head in the hottest Mays

It lets us see a baseball game
Without the fear of guilt and shame
Of sins unpunished and unaccounted
Of our many crimes that we have mounted

It purchased wife and blesses still
To send us children and yet to fill
Our lives with those that would live to lend
Their lives as servants as a faithful friend

So thank you Lord once again
For the cross that seems to never end
With graces we experience in every way
As we prepare to thank you on that Day.

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