Friday, April 11, 2008

On Turning 30

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will turn (gulp) 30 years old.

30 feels old. It has come fast. Before I know it, I will be celebrating my 60th birthday. Life is short.

Some random reflections on my 30th birthday:

1. Jesus began His ministry at 30. There must be some significance that He chose this age to go public. What incredible patience He displayed those years leading up to his public ministry. Why did He not just burst on the scene when He was 21? He was relentlessly committed to The Father's plan and The Father's time.

2. David Brainerd never saw age 30. He has had an incalculable impact on world missions and on countless Christians through the years, and he never celebrated his 30th birthday. Surely this testifies to what God can do with a heart devoted to the Kingdom.

3. All the "I'll wait till I grow up to do that" excuses are gone at age 30.

4. God has been kind and patient with me. He saved me when I was 16 and has continued His good work in me for these 14 years. I have not arrived. I have much to learn and much to repent of. The gospel grows sweeter in my affections as the years go by.

5. A dose of real life: I've got to mow the lawn on my birthday (although my wonderful wife did mow the front lawn for me!).


Randy said...

My 30th was tough this past September. But God is gracious! 30 years of grace in this life is worthy of celebration. Happy Birthday brother.

Brance said...

30...ah, I remember that. Ha Ha. I'm staring 36 in the face this summer, but I don't feel it.

God has done amazing things in my life so far, and most of it has been after I turned 30! By the grace of God I met my wife (and married her), discovered reformed theology, then discovered that it had a name and I wasn't crazy for seeing it in the Bible, and I'm about to celebrate the birth of my first child (a little girl) any day now.

So trust me, God continues to work after age 30!

Anonymous said...

Is it really true...

"All the "I'll wait till I grow up to do that" excuses are gone at age 30".

Hope not.

Happy birthday, as I write this it is now Saturday.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday justin! i hope you have a wonderful day today. we miss you here in Texas, but Ryan and I will be getting a little closer to you soon (moving to Arkansas). Only a couple more states and we will make it to you! tell Jeanna and your precious babies we said hi. We love you. Have a super happy birthday!


Our Family said...

Happy Belated birthday!

I had such a hard time turning 26- because it was one more year closer to 30 and I feel like I am plunging towards adult hood. LOL! I can't imagine what 30 will feel like. But congrats on finally becoming an adult! :)

Presley said...

Happy Birthday, Justin. Knowing you for some of those 30 years has been a true gift. Peace, Pres

Michelle said...

I will be reluctantly joining you next month as well Justin...why is 30 so hard and the 20's so cherished? I wouldn't want to stay in the same place though...getting older means by God's grace, he is growing us more into his likeness with each passing day and year! Praise God! And Happy belated b-day! Enjoy T4G and tell my man I said hello and miss him!