Saturday, May 03, 2008

Poll #1: Five Years in Prison

I've got a fun little poll going at the bottom of my sidebar on the right.

Here is the question:
If you were heading to jail for 5 years and could only bring two books (one being the Bible), which other book would you take (of these options):

1. Calvin's Institutes
2. Grudem's Systematic Theology
3. Owen's Works, Vol. 6 (on Sin and Tempation)
4. Piper's Desiring God

Feel free to comment on why you made the selection.


Blake White said...

OOOh. Tough one, but I think I would have to go with Calvin, since in many ways the others are building off of him.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Calvin from the standpoint of never having read the institutes (gasp!). I've read Piper and Grudem. I'd rather have something I haven't already studied through.

I will get around to reading Calvin at some point. Hopefully it won't take a 5 year prison sentence to drive me to it!

jason sessoms said...

Grudem, hands down.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Owens, but I could probably be swayed to take Institutes. If you said to pick a work by Piper, as much as I like DG, I would take "The Pleasures of God". Mike, Rowlett, TX

James said...

The Institutes. I am going through them now for the first time. I think the apologetic laid out by Calvin would be perfect for a 5 year prison ministry.

Readyrocks said...

Interesting question. I have a friend who just got put away for what he thinks will be 3 years. I know he will have his Bible, but I don't know if he is taking anything else.

BoldLion said...

This is good question! First, I pick Owens's because of Sin and Tempations. Because I need to work on my battle of Sin and Tempations. And try to share this book with other fellow prisioner.

Second would be Calvin's. If I am reading that one, I would need a tutor on that one to explain something to me. I am sure that would be a very interesting book to read and a lengthly one too.

I need to eat His Word more daily!
BoldLion ~ 'Guerite