Sunday, January 29, 2006

Faith Comes By Hearing

I had the privilage of issuing another challenge to my church this morning. Along with studying/reading and memorizing Scripture, we are going to listen to the New Testament. We are going to listen 19 mins a day for 60 days and get through the entire New Testament before Easter. Of course, the goal is not just to get through, but to expose ourselves to God's Word as much as possible. I anticipate listening while driving, jogging, and taking a shower. Yes, we have a cd player in the shower.
If you want to join us, just get a copy of the audio NT and start on Feb. 12: 19 mins a day for 60 days.


Sarah said...

Thats cool! Yeah, Our pastor just finished his Dmin at Masters and came back totally encouraging us with the Old Testement! He was saying we cannot fully grasp the New Testement until we understand the Old!

He has been going through the 10 commandments for a while! But he has preached on some other OT passages as well here and there. But it has been really neat!

I think I kind of dismiss the old testement and think it is not profitable or something! But it is! ALL scripture is God breathed and profitable!

That is awesome though- But can you really grasp the OT without study, just by listening? We studied some of Isaiah and Ezekiel with our students, and it took ALOT of study!

In Christ alone,


Sarah said...

I didnt mean that you couldnt listen to the OT audio. I was just thinking that I would not be able to understand what was going on just by listening....without study. Sorry if that sounded sassy. Did not mean for it to.

justin said...

Sarah, I understood what you were saying.
We are encouraging our people to listen to the entire NT along with their regular study of the Scripture.

Sarah said...

yeah, I figured that is what you were saying....I just wanted to make sure I wasn't sounding sassy! (I think I do that sometimes when I am not trying to!) Thanks a bunch!