Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Spear: A Favorable Review

I enjoyed and appreciated The End of the Spear. Could it have been better? Of course. Could they have portrayed the missionaries' faith bolder? Sure. Do I wish they had chosen a different lead actor? Certainly.
The story is so powerful, that no matter how you portray it or dress it up, the gospel is going to come through. I see this movie as a pointer. It is not meant to stand alone. It is meant to get people thinking about ultimate realities. However, I wonder what someone who has never heard the story thinks about the movie. I enjoyed comparing the movie to what I have read and learned. It is probably confusing to some.

My favorite part:
Powerful scene on Palm Beach where Jim Elliot takes off his pants to try to identify with the visitors. When you read "Shadow of the Almighty" you can see this kind of faith in Jim through every day of his life. He was willing to do anything and everything to bring the gospel to those who had no chance to hear it.


Sarah said...

I have only read "Through Gates of Splendor" by Elizabeth Elliot. We enjoyed the documentary they made on the book. It was really neat....I am excited to see this movie as well! Who wrote "Shadow of the Almighty"?

justin said...

Elizabeth also wrote "The Shadow of the Almighty." It is Jim's life and testament.

Stephanie Cherry said...

I truly enjoyed the movie. I went with our head pastor's wife and we both left wondering how someone could miss the Gospel in it. Sometimes, I think we confuse a critical spirit with part of the armor of God and react to things like a spited lover - too little, too late. I am amazed that this movie is in theatres. Of course it will suffer attack. I am sad to see much of it is coming from Christians. I thought it was beautiful and powerful. I highly recommend it.

Sarah said...

Thanks Justin! Sounds good! Have you read "Through gates of splendor"? I liked it alot. But it was on all of the missionaries....We will have to pick up that other book as well!

Have a great day!

In Christ alone,