Thursday, May 15, 2008

Magnifying God in Christ

Thomas Schreiner has a new NT theology out. It looks like it is going to be the definitive NT theology available. Schreiner is one of the few NT scholars you can trust to lead you to the Savior at every step along the way.

Here is part of the blurb:
"Based on solid exegesis of all the key texts, Schreiner's approach leads him to a more unified view of core New Testament teaching. He focuses particularly on two overarching themes. The first concerns the unity of redemptive history and the kingdom of God. The New Testament takes up Old Testament imagery and affirms that the kingdom has come (although it remains unfulfilled) in Jesus Christ. The second related theme concerns the goal of the kingdom--the glory of God through the work of Christ and the empowering presence of the Spirit. In the second half of the work, Schreiner takes up the question of what these themes mean for the life of the believer and the ministry of the community of faith."

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