Sunday, May 18, 2008

What is True Worship?

I preached on true worship from John 4:21-24 Sunday. I drew out 4 truths from the text and offered some implications. You can listen to the audio here.

1. God is seeking true worshipers. We are not the ones who are seeking God. God is the One who is seeking us. He is not just seeking true worship. He is seeking true worshipers.

2. True worship is informed by the character of God. Worship is a response to the revelation of God. God is the initator. He reveals Himself and we respond appropriately.

3. Only true worship is acceptable to God. True worship is described as worship in spirit and truth. True worship consists in genuine affections for God rooted in the truth of God. God hates both false and vain worship. God loves true worship.

4. True worship is only possible in and through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the enabler of true worship. Apart from Him, all our worship would be in vain.

1. We must think of worship as encompassing all of life.
2. We must not confuse "forms of worship" with the essence of worship.
3. We must value content far more than style.
4. We must allow the Bible to inform, guide, and saturate our worship.
5. We must look to Jesus who died for our false and vain worship.

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