Thursday, May 01, 2008

Worship Matters: Get This Book!

I love this book! Worship Matters is very different from any other book I've ever read. It is not deep theologically. It doesn't contain ideas that are hard to grasp. It is just downright practical. I recommend that every pastor, "music guy", praise team member, etc. read this book. Bob Kauflin is uniquely qualified to write this book and has served us well with this volume.

Here is a short list of things I like about this book:

1. It is Christ-centered.
2. It puts music in its proper place in the life of the church (which is anywhere but central).
3. It is filled with personal illustrations, examples, and nitty gritty details.
4. It teaches us how to recieve both criticism and encouragement.
5. It places worship in its Biblical context.
6. It reminds us that how we relate to people is more important than the style of music we play.
7. It elevates the local church.
8. It teaches humility.
9. It summarizes why there are better songs than "Above All" (pages 224-225 for those who are curious).

I don't agree with Bob on every issue. However, I completely agree with where he places the emphasis: on the gospel.

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