Saturday, June 07, 2008

Resource Spotlight: Sovereign Grace Music

One of the best ways to preach the gospel to yourself is to listen to and learn gospel-saturated songs. Sovereign Grace Music is a gift from God to us. They write and record songs that help us look upward to the all-sufficient Savior. I would encourage you to get one or two of their CDs and begin to learn some of these Christ-centered songs for the joy of your own soul.
Parents, serve your kids by teaching them solid theology through music.


Randy said...

The 3 CDs I've received from them have been used by God in many ways for my family and I.

jason sessoms said...

I don't own any of the sovereign grace CD's. Though my plans are to do so soon. Do any of you guys have any Indelible Grace CD's? They have absolutely been used to change my life over the last few years.

pastor justin said...

Yes, I have a few Indelible Grace CDs. Love it!