Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Revelation 21: The Husband's Jealous Love

Overwhelmed by the vision of the Bride in Revelation 21...

I'll let Dennis Johnson tell you what I see:

“Revelation has shown us the history-long combat in which Jesus the Lamb has been engaged in order to win and beautify his bride. The consummation of this romance is what Revelation has been about from the start. The blood and fire, locusts and smoke, falling stars and trembling earth, the dragon, the monsters, the scarlet woman—the whole terrifying conflict has been about the divine Husband’s jealous love for his bride, a love so jealous that he will fight all comers in order to have her all to himself, a love so sacrificial that he lays down his life to protect her from every threat and enemy…Now John sees the holy city, beautified for her Husband and radiating the light of his glory…The new Jerusalem, the bride, the wife of the Lamb is an almost blinding, imagination-overloading image of the people whom God loves passionately. John’s concluding visions reveal the new home that the Groom has prepared for his bride and the presentation of the bride—the church—in the beauty of holiness.”

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Presley said...

I love it, man. I'm "finishing up" Revelation right now with the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible. The commentary is helpful, coming from various sources. I'm doing this before starting the Bible in a Year (ESV). Recently purchased two "This Momentary Marriage" books by Piper. Anxious to start reading it with Mary!
Peace bro. Love ya, man!