Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Judge is Coming: Warning to the Wealthy

James 5:1-6 sounds like something out of the mouth of an OT prophet. James preaches against the rich with prophetic zeal. After calling the ungodly rich to weep and mourn in verse 1, James gives at least 3 ways that riches lead to judgment.

1. Money leads to judgment when it is selfishly hoarded (5:2-3).
2. Money leads to judgment when it is gained through injustice (5:4, 6).
3. Money leads to judgment when it is used for self-indulgence (5:5).

I closed Sunday's sermon on this passage with 7 exhortations (you'll have to listen to the sermon to get the context of these words of application):
1. Christ is coming back.
2. Live with the end in view.
3. Don't desire to be rich.
4. Stop worrying that you won't have enough for yourself.
5. Beware of judging others.
6. Lift your eyes from what does not satisfy (riches) to the only One who can satisfy (Jesus).
7. Jesus is the only One who can rescue you from eternal condemnation.

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