Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pursuing Greater Humility

How do we cultivate humility and mortify pride?

  • We need to spend time thinking about God’s greatness and holiness in comparison to our natural, moral, and moral insignificance.
  • We need to think about how much God loves the humble and hates the proud.
  • We need to meditate on the way that Christ humbled Himself when He came to earth.
  • We need to think seriously on the examples of humility left by the most useful believers who have walked this earth.
  • We must consider the example of humility demonstrated by the holy angels.
  • We need to carefully reflect on the humility of believers who are now in heaven.
  • We need to think about the great imperfections and weakness of our faith, our character, our behavior, our motives, our duties, and our service to God.
  • We need to think about the fact that we deserve to experience God’s judgment and wrath because of our sin.
  • We need to spend time thinking about the day of judgment.
  • We ought to reflect on the pride of Satan and the demons.
  • We need to remember that everything that we have or have accomplished comes from God’s hand.
  • We must spend time thinking about the sad consequences of pride in other people’s lives.
  • We ought to spend time with humble people and avoid as much as possible the company of arrogant people.
  • We must spend time in prayer every day, confessing our pride to God and earnestly pleading for greater humility.

Adapted from Wayne Mack's Humility: The Forgotten Virtue.

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BoldLion said...

Thank you for sharing this with us! I do need these kind of reminder daily!

I need to read this book too!

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion