Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finishing Strong in 2010

So, November is nearly half way gone. You know what that means. The rest of this year is gonna feel like a blur.

Decorate for Christmas.
Wrapping Paper.
Coast into January and wonder where 2010 went.

Why not take some time to refocus for this final month and a half of 2010. Finish well. Redeem the time. Here are just a few tips:

1. Revisit your goals or resolutions. Not to condemn yourself for your failure, but to keep going by the grace of God. Did you set goals that are now unattainable? Re-evaluate them so as to make the most of them through the rest of the year.

2. Recommit to your Bible reading plan. Make sure you know where you will be each day through the rest of the year. The holidays are the most difficult time to stay consistent in personal devotions. Visitors, traveling, vacation, and family make it difficult to carve out time to meet with God.

3. Plan now to avoid the sin of materialism. The stores have been plotting for a year as to how to get you buying things you don't need. The ads will be relentless for the next month. And you don't stand a chance unless you are equipped and prepared to resist the temptations.

4. Make attendance at your local church a priority. Its easy during the holiday season to neglect the church. As much as possible, plan your schedule around the corporate gathering of God's people.

5. Pray for Joy. The holiday season can be one of the most depressing times of the year. This world cannot deliver on its promises, which often leaves us feeling empty and meaningless. Jesus is enough to sustain your joy through the highs and lows of these next few months. Take refuge in the Savior.

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