Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For the Fame of God's Name

For the Fame of God's Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper is a fantastic collection of articles. As one who has been heavily influenced by John Piper's ministry, I resonated with nearly every article in this thick volume. This book contains both rigorous scholarship and robust passion. Thus, I think it does a great job in honoring God for the life and ministry of John Piper. Here are a few of the highlights of the book for me:
  • David Michael's prayer of thanksgiving in chapter 1 is a powerful way to begin this book.

  • I loved how most of the authors related their topic to Piper's influence. All of these great theological and practical themes have been ingrained in me by Piper and its humbling to hear how Piper's influence has even reached to these giants of the faith.

  • Talbot's article actually proposes a correction to Piper's teaching. Which, I don't think Piper would disagree with.

  • Ware's article on prayer and the sovereignty of God is a great primer on this difficult theological issue.

  • Carson's article on the gospel is just splendid (as is everything by Carson).

  • Grudem's article is one of the few I have read on how our obedience pleases God. Loved it.

  • Thabiti nails it again.

  • Randy Alcorn's article has been the most challenging to me. It is basically a summary of his Treasure Principle. But, it helpfully summarizes Piper's radical teaching on money and possessions. Get the book to read this article!

  • Justin Taylor's article summarizes Piper's preaching on abortion. I'll be going back to this chapter over the next years.

  • Mahaney, Powlison, and Dever are (as always) useful, practical, and rich.

  • Mounce's article is one of the best in the book. It is drenched with humility and wisdom for pastors.

You can see the entire table of contents here.

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