Friday, May 04, 2012

Why We're Adopting a Son

Over at my family's adoption blog, I wrote about a few of the reasons we're adopting a son:

Since we started the adoption process, the question most often asked of us is something like this: "You already have 2 kids, why do you want to adopt another?"

Here are a few of the most compelling reasons:

1. We want to demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ in a visible way.
The doctrine of adoption is the heart of the Gospel. Our sin made us orphans and in Christ we have been adopted into the family of God. We have been given the ability to call God, "Abba." So, we want to demonstrate the same love and grace we have been shown in Christ.

2. We want to communicate our commitment to life.
We want to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to being pro-life. Being pro-life means being pro-adoption. If we encourage women to not abort their children, we must be the first in line to tell them we will care for them if they cannot.

3. We want to display God's compassion to the helpless.
The Bible is clear that one of the evidences of true faith is to care for the disadvantaged and poor and helpless of society (like orphans and widows - James 1:27). God is the Father of the fatherless. He is near to the brokenhearted. We have been called to be God's hands and feet and serve those who cannot care for themselves.

4. We want to express God's heart for the nations.
This is the main reason we have chosen international adoption. We want to think outside of our little world and look to the heart of God for all peoples. We want to expose ourselves to other cultures and express our desire to see the name of Jesus famous in every part of the world.

5. We want to look as much like the Kingdom of God as possible.
The Kingdom of God does not consist of only one skin color or hair type. The Kingdom of God consists of all races and tribes and languages. We want our family to be diverse. We cannot adopt a child from every nationality, but we can start with one.

6. I want to be an example of Biblical manhood.
As a man, I've been called to lead and to protect. Men look for ways to protect and provide for the needy. Real men move toward need not away from it. I cannot protect and provide for every orphan. But, I can demonstrate Biblical manhood by being a shield and refuge for one.

None of this is meant to say that every Christian is supposed to adopt a child. But, it does point to the fact that every Christian should do what they can to support adoption and orphan care.