Sunday, July 08, 2012

How to Start a Gospel Conversation

In order to do evangelism, we have to move conversations to the gospel. In every evangelistic encounter (whether with a total stranger or with our closest family member), there has to be a point of beginning to discuss the gospel.

Every journey has a starting point. And the reason many of us don’t tell people about Jesus is because we never start. We don’t take the initiative in bringing Christ into a conversation.

Here are 6 ways I encouraged my church to start gospel conversations. You don't have to use these. However you do it, initiate gospel conversations. How will those who don't know they need Christ hear unless someone starts a gospel conversation with them?

1. Look for natural transitions. Look for ways you can bring up Christ that flow from ordinary circumstances and conversations.

2. Use "basic" starter questions. For example, "Do you go to church in this area?" Or, "Do you have any religious beliefs?" These require a measure of boldness but will usually be answered by others and can lead to deeper conversations.

3. Use "deeper" questions that get to the heart of the gospel. For example, "If you were to die today, where do you think you would go?" Or, "Who is Jesus to you?"

4. Schedule it. Ask someone if you can meet for lunch and talk about spiritual things. This helps to take the edge off of an unexpected conversation.

5. Surveys. Surveys are a good way to find out what people believe so that you can know where to begin addressing their need for Christ.

6. Tracts. Tracts are a great way to get a gospel conversation started. And, they can be left with a person so that they can read it when they have more time. My favorite tract is this one by John Piper.

Spurgeon said, “When preaching and private talk are not available, you need to have a tract ready, and this is often an effectual method.  Some tracts would not convert a beetle; there is not enough in them to interest a fly. Get good striking tracts, or none at all.  But a telling, touching gospel tract may often be the seed of eternal life; therefore, do not go out without your tracts.”

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