Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Main Thing by C.J. Mahaney

In 2001, at the New Attitude conference, C.J. Mahaney preached two messages entitled, "The Main Thing." The second message is totally devoted to practical application of living the Cross-centered life. He asks, "How can I consistently grow in my appreciation and passion for the Cross?" I recently listened to it again and wrote down all his suggestions.

1. Begin by practicing strategic Scripture Memory (memorize gospel passages)
2. Read and Reflect upon the gospels (particularly the last days of Jesus)
3. Study the seven sayings of the Savior on the Cross
4. Study these words and concepts: atonement, justification, propitiation, substitution, redemption, reconciliation, salvation, etc. (be able to explain them in 1 minute or less)
5. Study Galatians and Romans accompanied by a good commentary
6. Read a new book on the Cross each year
7. Re-read a good book on the Cross each year
8. Read Charles Spurgeon
9. Whatever verse or passage you are reading, ask yourself how it relates to the Cross
10. Study the Old Testament in relation to the Cross
11. Study the Holiness of God and the doctrine of sin
12. Begin worship each day with Cross-centered songs and hymns
13. Memorize Cross-centered hymns and poems
14. Begin prayer each day confining yourself to giving thanks for the Cross and the effects of the Cross in your life
15. Listen to Cross-centered preaching as you drive (or exercise)
16. Arrange times of unhurried study on the Cross (retreats)
17. Review your conversion testimony often and never ever grow familiar with the grace you have experienced
18. Recognize your need for the Holy Spirit and the gift of illumination

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Mark Redfern said...

Gotta love C.J.!