Monday, November 07, 2005

A Phenomenal Resource

I was blown away this morning as I was led to a fantastic free web resource. is a site that allows you to study the Greek and English text side by side. Not only does it allow you to see these side by side, but all you have to do is move the cursor over a Greek word and it parses it for you (and gives you the meaning). It also has helps for people learning Greek including tutorials and flashcards. It also will allow you to keep track of your learning and keep a record of your own translation. Also, it has a small daily reading to encourage us to do a little bit each day. I found all this in only about 10 mins.
Now, for those of you who do not think this is as cool as I do, just consider this point: For a computer program that does all this, I paid about $200 (with a student discount) in seminary. This site is totally free.

I am evaluating my life right now asking the tough questions about how I can utilize this resource in my own daily study of God's Word.

Let me know what you think.

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Rob Tombrella said...

I saw that this morning and was going to post it as well! awesome resource!