Friday, February 24, 2006

Disciple Now Weekend

Please pray for me and my church this weekend. This is our youth Disciple Now weekend. Our theme for the weekend comes from the name of this blog: CROSS-eyed, Learning to Boast Only in the CROSS.
It is going to be a powerful weekend for us. We are studying C.J. Mahaney's "The Cross Centered Life" (not "Living The Cross Centered Life"). Groups of teenagers will be reading this entire book during the weekend.

My best friend in the whole world, Rob Tombrella, will be preaching 4 messages:
Friday night: The Cross and the removal of God's wrath.
Saturday night: The Cross and the positive imputation of righteousness.
Sunday morning: The Cross as the power of God unto salvation
Sunday night: My ordination

Another friend of mine, Ross King, will be leading us to worship through singing.

All this just to give you some specifics to pray about.


Sarah said...

I'm kinda jealous~ sounds like an awesome weekend! We will be praying! Have a great time serving the Lord!

chase said...


I am in Big Spring this weekend and we have begun to see the Lord do wonderful things. He called students from death to life last night, Praise Him! I am lifting up you, Rob, Ross, and your leaders. I am grateful for your desire to accurately make much of Jesus to them and through them!


Lakeland Baptist Student Ministry said...

Justin- Not sure if you remember me but this is Darrell Halk. I went to SHSU and invited you out to lead a DNOW IN O2 in Lewisville. I know this is an old post, but did you make up any sort of study guide for the students to work through in small group times when you used CJ's book for your DNOW? I like the idea of using this book for DNow and plan to use it. Any material you may have created for this weekend I would be interested in seeing. You can email me at